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Groundnut (Peanut)

Groundnut (Peanut)

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Groundnut that is also known as peanuts is one of the most famous snacks around the globe. Groundnut also has multiple nutritional benefits. The other famous name of groundnut is monkey nut, Pindar, goober, and many more. The scientific name of groundnut is 

Arches Hypogea. Though the groundnut was first grown in Nigeria, it is now grown in almost every part of the world.
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Nutrition Facts Of Groundnut

The nutrition facts of 100grams of groundnut are as follows. Groundnut contains 567 calories per 100 gram and 26 grams of protein in it. Also, there are approximately 16 grams of carbs and 15 grams of sugar. The quantity of fat is around 50 grams, and groundnuts have less fiber that is around 8.5 grams in 100 grams of groundnuts.

Benefits of Groundnut

•    Groundnuts are high in protein. Thus, this helps vegans to fulfill their daily needs of protein.
•    Groundnuts also help in losing weight.
•    Groundnuts are made to use multiple products like peanut butter.

Disadvantages Of Groundnut

There are no such disadvantages of groundnut. If you consume more than 50 grams of groundnuts daily, you may face clots in your body. This is because groundnut raises the temperature of your body.

Where To Buy Groundnut

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Groundnut (Peanut)
Groundnut (Peanut)
Groundnut (Peanut)

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